Wouldn't Ultron-Jedah be more interesting than Ultron-Sigma?


Just wondering cos well Jedah is more powerful than Ultron and Sigma combined and an Ultron-Sigma combined character would look better than an Ultron-Sigma model.

Who else agrees with me?


Still no…




Jedah+Dormamu or Jedah+Thanos would be interesting.


you forgot they are combined with reality and space stone too. don’t think jedah is touching them at all


Not really. Don’t forget that Sigma is a virus, so he can take over any android he wants.


Jedah is not a good damned robot though


It’s interesting to come back to this thread because I was discussing Sigma in another thread, and I personally came to the conclusion that Jedah is a more powerful and better boss character than Sigma, and thus Sigma’s exclusion to DLC is justified. Regardless of being fused with Ultron or not Jedah clearly plays a larger roll in the story and is over all a better pick for a villain due to his abilities. I asked the question and didn’t get an answer, what could Sigma do to be a viable antagonist to the cast besides X and Zero?


All biological life must be exterminated


But how would he do that? With robot masters? I don’t know much about Sigma, but he seems like your typical Reploid, he doesn’t have any bells and whistles like Jedah has by living in the underworld, there’s far more tools for Jedah to play with and wreak havoc on the Captards than Megaman reference after Megaman reference.


there’s no proof that he isn’t a robot


Have you seen how dark and edgy Sigma looks in x4? Don’t let his “to infinity and beyond” fashion choice steer you wrong.


Sigma is a virus, he can corrupts mechanical life on the fly to serve his purposes.
Plus, destroy his body and he will come back again and again and again.

He has a lot of potential on paper as a fighting game character… Switching bodies (think Ammy weapon switch but more extensive), Sigma virus mode (somewhat like Dark Phoenix but more cybernetic esque)
I’ve been lobbying for Sigma to be in a Marvel game for ages (along with Wesker back in the day) and ofc I just know Capcom will not do him justice lol

Speaking of which so far (from his combined Ultron Sigma mode moveset) I can tell he’ll have teleports, counters and the obvious saber slashes.


He is a good damned character though.


I think it’s better this way, we have 3 main villains, all on different sides with their own agenda.


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