Wow @ Amazon


Madcatz TE stick goes on sale literally less than 24 hours after I buy it. WTF. Mine hasn’t even been shipped yet…

I feel like I got jipped.:annoy:


hahaha wow, I wouldn’t have guessed a retailer would have a sale on them this soon, let alone have them in stock.

Reminds me of when I paid $30 for TF2 and it dropped to $20 a week later. Or when I bought a PS2 for $150 a week before the $130 price drop.


wait!?, can’t you cancel your order since it hasn’t shipped yet?


Nope… it just says shipping soon.


yes you can. Amazon doesn’t charge your card until it is shipped.


It says “We are preparing these items for shipment and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed. Need information on returning an item?”

Its been like that since about an hour after purchasing.

Plus, I checked and 149.99 was already deducted from my bank account.

Edit: Can I assume it has been shipped even though it just says shipping soon. My other orders say shipped


Just shoot an email to Amazon and cancel it, I’ve done that before and they can cancel it on their end before it ships.


I gave them a call and he said he couldn’t do anything about it except that I could refuse the package when it comes. Seems like a big hassle…

I’ll try an e-mail lol

Edit: Wow I really am on a negative streak lately…


Amazon used to simply adjust the price when it’s within a certain timeframe, those were the days. They got rid of their price adjustment policy so now you’re stuck with the price you paid when an item ships. I’d call and cancel if it hasn’t shipped.