Wow...can Todo snuff RC's?

hey hey, wuzzup Todo users…

Straight to the point: If Sakura RC hurricane kicks me, can I RC grab and grab her while she’s doing the move??? Does this mean free CC/lvl2 super/b&b???

You guys get what I’m saying, right…in terms of RC moves having the property of a roll…

So yeah, I guess this question also applies towards the other RCs: blanka ball, spiral arrow (well not really…unless they’re noob cammys), funky kick (well I guess not really that one either), uhh…not psycho crusher…hmm…I guess just blanka ball, then.

BTW, any famous Todo players I should know about? I don’t see much of him being used at RFC or up in san jose when I go back home…

ahhh ok, that makes sense now.

I started speculating on this after playing a few matches with my friend who kept RCing Mai’s fiery butt move. After eating lots of chip damage, I thought I just might throw her out of it, and it worked, but I guess cuz she’s still on the ground, and my friend was pretty much abusing it point blank.

Sorry, my comment earlier is not entirely true - off the ground moves have a possibility of being thrown if you throw them early (basically if you hit throw as they try to rc right next to you)… because the RC makes it so that they stay on the ground longer than they would normally… so they are on the ground for the roll (before it is cancelled) and the startup of the move before it leaves the ground (if there is any).

this is why most people dont rc close up (unless they have knocked you down) - random intentional/unintentional throws