Wow, Common signal, is that common? Gamestop BB070

I was working on my friends pad and he has the newer Gamestop BB070 pad.
I saw that the signals were the same for Y and B. I ignored it at the time. When soldering and xacto knifing the middle of the X button I apparently cut the trace for A. I tried solderin a blob to patch it, but thats way beyond me. I look at the pic on joystick vault and notice the A and X are the same signal trace as well. So I take the X i soldered and put it to the ground for A and it triggered A in windows diagostics. then i apply the other ground and X triggers.
So for those that may use this controller, here are my “notes”

Down, Right, LB, A, Y - Can use Downs ground for all
Start, Guide - Can use either Start or Guides ground
Up, Left - Can use either Up or Lefts ground
X, B, RB, Back - Can use X ground for all

And note apparently X/A use same signal and Y/B use same signal.
Im wondering what else might have shared a signal like LB/RB. Ill check when im done wiring up the terminal strips. Jeez, this is gonna be ugly and confusing…

Thats what I thought, maybe I mixed the ground/signal.
If thats the case, then its still sharing signals somewhere else.

I mean, check the pic at joystick vault

You can see where he marks the signal for X, that trace clearly runs to the A signal. As does Y to B. I noticed Y/B first because the lil hole you can put your multimeter leads into. I though those were the grounds but nah, no dice when I touch the leads around the pad when connected to the pc to get the signals to trigger.

No matter how you look at it, shits crossing up here like a splashing gief on your wake up.

sure that isnt just backwards, looking at the picture it looks like its an uncommon ground controller is all the “grounds” seem to be separate from one another, leading me to believe that those are infact the signals.

That boards looks very similar to this one

Well I have all the buttons working in windows, and not a single thing soldered to Y or B and theyre working fine.
I used the X signal to X ground, X works. Use X signal with downs ground, I get a A.
Use Y with X ground, gets a Y. Use Y with Downs ground, I get B.

and i havent been drinking tonight…
And putting X signal to X and downs ground triggers both X and A
as does putting the Y signal with X and down grounds yields Y and B.

That does make sense.

I answered your question in a different thread (didn’t see this one)

I hope that can clear it up.