Wow, Daigo is in wikipedia

WTF? I’m not in the wikipedia?! LOL

He’s been on Wikipedia for a while, but now there’s pictures. Still nothing on Alex Valle :confused:

Yeah, was thinking the same thing. They mention Valle and you would assume there’d be somthing about him too and his accomplishments, but no. Might as well not mention him at all.

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia

it’s so much better

Isn’t all the stuff on Wikipedia user submitted?


Yes and people can go in and edit it.

Which isn’t that big of a problem when you’re looking for some “major” information. It’s not as accurate for “smaller” articles (like, say, Daigo’s – although that one seems particularly accurate to me – if not a little small), but for the “important” things (per se), it’s actually about as accurate / more accurate than Brittanica.

born May 19, 1981 - he’s older than I thought

sooo, your saying 25 is old??? thanks, now i’m ancient…Over +25yr old ST tournament at Evo, start the petition, go ahead wilson

Old to me is 50 plus…
Denzel is 50, doesn’t look it though…

hmm why isnt daigo sleeping in the bench and scratching his ass vid not linked?

daigo has a lil brother that play’s fighters too??

Where did you read that?

There’s a video link on the bottom of page that features footage of Daigo vs. Valle in the A3 International championship.

My question is, is that Jason Wilson (DreamTR) who hands Daigo the trophy? Cause if so, then damn I saw quite a few familiar faces in the video (John Choi and I believe Mike Watson).

Awesome stuff.

Yeah, Apoc is in the vid too.

They mention Coop Cup 4, where Daigo never played a single match.

Well edit it. What surprises me is that they don’t seem to have Justin Wong on there either.

IMHO Wiki may not always be accurate but the fact that it’s user sumbitted makes it so it will always have more relevant and new/recent articles. It’s a double edged sword, it allows experts and those knowledgeable on the subject to share it with little to no constraints but it may not always be accurate. If you ask me a database of information where most of the info is accurate is better than having no info at all (such as if you tried to look up some of the more obscure internet memes and subjects on random encyclopedia of your choice)

Yeah while I can never use it as a primary source in any of the work I do I often check wikepedia to generally get an initial grasp on a subject, and 99% of the time the information there is cooberated when I find more “scholarly” sources.