Wow death of consoles maybe?

didnt see it anywhere so why not post it…seems interesting…really

holy crap…could this be the end to console in the future?? any game stream through online, and onplay…and download to computer to keep game and be able to play offline…is this shit work…im sold on it…street fighter with no lag…they said they be streaming high speed and online play with no lag…wow playing people with japan with no lag+sf4=O.o…sweeeet…

Theres a thread about this in general discussion.

ok thx, i looked in tech, and didnt see it, i thought this would be in more of a tech talk

AND Fighting Game Discussion.

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A lot of people are assuming that this can work properly because online play works with the latency difference between people, but with multiplayer lag your controls still respond immediately (well for most games, CoD4 for one example), with this system you will also be dealing with the lag from controller input to what is being displayed on screen.

Short version: It’s gonna be balls, ESPECIALLY for fighting games, you will always have latency between input and what is shown on your screen, it’s a step backwards for gaming.

It’s never gonna take off. Nice tech though.

It sounds like the best damn technology in the last 10 years on paper. However, this shit will never happen. It’s all speculation and garbage at this point. There on Lan. OF course there is no lag.

I honestly entered this thread thinking that somehow US arcades have returned from the grave to trounce consoles. Boy was I let down. :frowning:

Yeah, luke pretty much beat me to it.

Lag is going to kill this thing. Lag when your internet connection isn’t being perfect causing slowed or jumpy gameplay. And lag between the pressing of buttons/switches and those commands getting received by the server and the server sending the image back. Just not gonna work with action games. It would outright suck if this thing took control of action games; playing with an inherent gap of about a sixth of a second between hitting a button and seeing the action happen on the screen would drive me up the wall.

Neat technology, but it does not suit shoryuken-type gameplay.

Edit: I know about this thing already because I saw some guy on TV saying there would be a “universal controller” for it making me think “wow, I’d love that for hacking”. Turned out of course the guy didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

It won’t be the death of consoles. Especially since major video game retailers hate PC games because they have little resale value. This will maybe help PC games gain foothold since the Internet is getting faster and digital distribution is starting to take off