Wow ED made a mugen page

Funny how your username is on par with your thread and its contents…


that wasnt even funny

Sure it was. :rofl:

Hilarious, but why must it defile the sacred look of Wikipedia?

umm thats what every fucking wiki looks like, its not like wikipedia was the first

anyways mugen is gay as fuck but this wasnt funny at all and if you think it was youre probably a terrible person

The article was painfully truthful, and the article creator obviously agrees with your opinion, Polarity…

It was funny because it was on point with a lot of stuff.

Could anyone explain why the fuck this matters? I’m sure a million places talk shit about Mugen; there’s no point in starting a thread on it.

Making fun of Mugen is like shooting fish in a barrel. Am I the only one who’s never heard of this site (Encyclopedia whocaresaca)?

No, there’s plenty of people. ED isn’t really a popular site (if SRK is any indication no offense)

8.) link to the shittiest forums ever. “taken from the wiki”

^ link to srk , those fuckers need some euthanasia.

The guy who wrote that site seemed to love postiong pics of guys Making out…:rolleyes: I dont think theres a way to “No Homo” out of an obsession with guys making out.

Welcome to ED, where the only things posted are homo sex and occasional Pain Series. Its articles are generally lame, unless you’re searching for logs of cheap internet drama.

eww, gays! are you 13?

No. I dont have any problem with gays. I was just pointing out how he kept calling everythying he didnt like “gay” like being gay was a bad thing or something. To my experience “Fag Bashers” are the ones who are most likely to be curious about the experience. I wasnt trying to make fun of gays, just him for his failure @ comedy.

FUCK yo couch nigga.