Wow, Geesecan stun alot of people in one combo

Everyone knows Geese can stun Blanka/Sagat with his deadly rave in one combo if they get crossed up when crouching, even when they have full stun. He can also stun all 60 stuncharacters easily. What makes it special about Sagat/Blanka is that they have 70 stun,thats alot of stun for 1 combo.

vs Sagat/Blanka (crouching):

Cross-up mk,,, c.fp xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

vs Vice, Dhalsim, Cammy, Hibki, Rolento and other 60 stun characters:

Cross-up mk, c.lp, c.lp, xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

Well I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not (I didn’t know), but he can stun a hell of alot more people when they are crouching, this is the list so far.

Ryu (shotos?)

I still am finding more people that this combo works on, I couldn’t get it to work on Kyo or Guile for the life of me. The timing is hard on Yamazaki/Chun/Ryu, the key is to chain the lights attacks as fast and precise as possible, otherwise this combo is easy, and makes Geese a hell of alot scarier.

must be crouching:

Cross-up mk,,, c.lp, xx deadly rave ,, s.fp xx mk jaieken (right before the blast) = DIZZY

This combo works on all characters listed, I’ve done it myself.

Please tell me more…

Just make sure to pay attention if they are crouching or not when you hit a cross-up and te combo will stun those characters if they are at 0 stun.

I don’t catch a lot of people, in crouch, when I cross them up w/ mk. Do you guys hit this often? I am not flaming, Im just wondering if you use some kind of set up for it or is it just a FYI kinda thing.

Geese is my bitch

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On a cross-up, either they block to the wrong side and you hit them standing. Or they block it correctly and therefore, uh, block. Last but not least, they’re crouching and cannot block a cross-up. Happens all the time.

I am by no means an expert, but that makes absolutely no sense.

Why would someone duck when the opponent is flying at them through the air? Even on cross up I would have to be piss drunk to do something like that! The only instance I can think of is if they are trying an anti-air that requires ducking and then you catch them as they are standing up anyhow, i.e. Shoto, Geese, Rock. And you say it happens all the time? Wow.

P.S. I am fully aware of the implications of the term “cross-up.”

P.P.S. Guile Mike is MY bitch! and Link too!

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It’s an FYI thing, also say Eagle went for a sweep or when you went for a cross-up, he’ll be hit by the cross-up, but he will be in crouching position. Same for other characters, again an FYI thing.

Thanks. Im not really an asshole I was just tryin to understand.

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