Wow, I cannot believe my mom stooped so low

Ayami Shunka

Yeah, you can thank me later…we have been working on her flexibility among other things. She has a great routine going.

I managed to get at least 15 kimochi’s out of her last night, a few of those were with her mouth and throat full which is quiet an amazing task if you ask me.

Added to the list of javs for accademic purpose of course

If it’s for academic purposes, then I already got my postdoc eons ago. I am the Professor.

8 years… and this is what we get

Is the catch here that we need to play for the rest if the story in microtransactions??? Can we at least get a demo or trailer foe the rest of it? Does it turn into some brother and sister bathing scene?

No, that was the other thread

Prof Jesus Scientist Rev. el Callate Loco

Ain’t buying the DLC, when I got the PHD, Playa Hater Degree :smokin:


Smashbruddahs trying to set the new world record.

His mom made the account for him when he was born, cut the lil’ nigga some slack :bee: .










3 days till Venom eats you. Then you put a xmas hat on.

That burger better have been double bacon and double beef with extra cheese.