Wow i did something kinda neat

I just got down playing a not to good g1 Seth and he hit me with a AA that didn’t knock me down just back so to try and kept pressure I went to do fp senku and went thru is ultra. Nailed him, face meet palm. I didn’t know that I could senku thru Seths ultra.

I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention to what part of the animation I was in when he started his ultra.

i saw chun li backdash through his ultra in a combo video


Ahh! So it can be done!

Been trying that with Gouken but I keep getting nailed. Is it Chun specific or do all back-dashes have the same invincy frames?

And in relation to the OP’s anecdote - does that mean fierce palm has invincy frames too?

(*Can’t find it in frame data)

Yes it does have frames of invulnerability but I wasn’t trying to time that the way I did,actually I thought I got caught cause I was trying to apply offensive pressure after a recovery. But I’ve been think if it was possible to bait his ultra like with a meaty fb that still lets gouken recover in time to input command as he’s doing a wake up ultra?? I haven’t been able to get on and see if I can duplicate it.