Wow.. is it supposed to be this hard to buy an arcade stick?

My AH3 has been collecting dust, I think the last thing I played on PS3 was Pocket Fighters lol!

Hey mortified, how well do you think you put a wired 360 PCB into a PS2 controller? Not for me but for my friend whos a pad player, that stupid cheap Arcade Power China converter is acting up!

i think 360 pcbs are too big to fit in a playstation controller…you could project box it though…

Talk to jackson. Ask in the 604 thread on the canads forumds on this forum. When I saw him at the tournament he had 9 sticks with him and butt loads of buttons/pcb’s.

Also point roberts is your friend.

If it’s down to him, I shall, trying to find some local 416/905’ers at the moment to see if they can shave/modify the 360 PCB into a PS controller somehow first :smiley:

It’s been a recurring problem playing SSFIV with my friend and either:
A) The converter is wonky so random inputs come out or the home menu pops up
B) The R1 trigger frequently gets stick under the case

There should really be a sticky for modders and stick availability in one thread here for Canadians.

we’re a drop in the bucket man…lol.

Has your friend tried out a SF fight pad?

Hey there is an active electronics in Ottawa now, and it’s close to my house. This is excellent news.

Someone make an awesome Canada thread! We can put it in the intro sticky and you guys can reference it when the subject is brought up.

Yup, luckily at Heroes World, there’s enough gear to try out. He’s tried the Fightpad, EX2 Pro pad and FC3. The problem is that he’s very accustomed to the Dual Shock pad so all other pads aren’t to his liking(mine too if I were still playing pad). Also the FC3 is the closest thing but for 40 or so dollars, dual modding would be pricey so why not just get a stick?

Maybe when he starts to learn MvC3, my Q3 RAF will be the loaner and he’ll start to like using a stick enough to buy his own.

Go ahead Syn, you brought it up. You better do it or Kyle will ban you :razz:

lol, I will let someone else be the lamb :smiley:
I spend too much time in the Canada and Tech section to get banned lol. Just a helpful suggestion…

laugh, canada section

the closest thing that could work is a TE/Se pcb or maybe one of the new PDP pads

it’ll also have to be a DS1 pad or a digital pad which i have only one left
gotta restock on them

next best bet is a project box which i can do too

Here’s a start…

Did you really need to bump this thread?

He trying to sell his stick, poorly, but he trying.

All the recent @brightgamer posts in TT should be moved to the TO.

Hop in your car and cross the border to Detroit and come to Mitten Masher Monday’s and someone from there will buy you a stick then drive it back across the border.


We got another eBay seller here.

Dude, I’m just trying to find someone to sell me a custom wooden arcade stick to me. I’m in Ontario and people either won’t ship here or they want $200+. I already have all the parts I just want to use the stuff I bought. I have a friend with a workshop for woodworking that was going to help me make one but he’s since been going through some stuff with his wife and I don’t want to bother him with it now. I even gave him parts to make his own in return. So I’m willing to just leave it and buy from someone else for now and make another one for a 2nd player later on. :s

I don’t just want to buy a fightstick, I want something with an IL stick, concave Happ buttons and cherry switches (I have all those).

Why not design, cut and build your own wood or MDF stick then? When life gives you lemons…cut, squeeze, sweeten and drink.

It’s alot easier now to buy a stick than it was 8/9 years ago.

Canada has it easy compared to Europe, at least with Canada people from the US and Japan are willing to ship to you.
And if you are not in Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, Ect) the factor increases exponentially.
Its even worst in you live in places like Brazil, where there like a 300% import tax owned on all imports, and why ether Japanese companies license off to local companies to make cheap knock offs or just refuse to do business there.
There gamers from countries that wish they have it as good as Canada. Paying $200 on what is in the US a $150 stick isn’t that bad when you factor someone in Greece, Brazil or South Africa looking at $300/$400 for the same stick. Canada even has it better than Australia, and Australia is geographically closer to Japan.