wow just wow


was talking to a guy on ps3(on my friends list)and he asked me if i was from allisfighter or srk and i replid “Srk” to which he responded with get The F*CK off my list! and deleted me…

do people have some sort of vendetta against this website or something?


Oh, that’s just some high sodium levels I think.




People who are huge fans of Darksydephil seem to really hate SRK.


I find that I am the exact opposite of this statement


darksydephil is the best thing to happen to youtube


I think youtube is the best thing to happen to darksydephil.


I think darksydephil and youtube had beautiful babies

I wish I could watch all his vids but I don’t know if I ever will have a chance to sit down and enjoy even 1 play through


DSP got banned from SRK and his fans got schooled by SRKers in multiple games. They both shared a passion for hating SRK and naturally have fused together.


People can’t deal with us, because we’re too real.

[/simpsons reference]


Schooled by SRKrs in mutliple games? A lot of us SRKrs still play with Phil pretty often.


I have to agree with this


We da best…:party:

Probably some scrub that got neg bombed last year.

Where’s my BADGE NOW?!!?!?


Most-likely one of the two possibilities that Geese Pants has already stated above my post. Or both.




He probably got neg rep until his ass bled then he went nuts in a thread and got banned. It happens.

Or he liked Twilight and made it public here.


Pretty sure you don’t need the “here” qualifier.


OP, I believe the proper response is “U MAD?”



…why was he on your friends list to begin with? Did you even know him?


Im pretty sure he has another account, i think its “thekingofhate”.

I find it funny that most known tourney players are cool with DSP, and the forum dwellers/online players hate on him.