Wow Mad Max Fury Road

The action scenes in this movie I can best describe as incredible and also crazy. The stunt work used during the movie was pretty amazing, they used practical effects in the movie and it looked so good and much better then using computers to make something look incredible but really it looks to computer-ish, and I know they used some CG for scenes where it needed it because it would be too dangerous or impossible to do, but for the most part it’s all practical effect’s and THIS IS HOW ACTION MOVIES SHOULD BE DONE, THANK YOU MAD MAX FOR DOING THIS, okay I had to get that out there and sorry for shouting… but it’s true.

The villain of the movie “Immortan Joe” played by Hugh Keays- Byrne and yes he was in the first Mad Max movie, but here he plays a different villain this time and a menacing one as well. He was like a mix of Dark Vader from Star Wars and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal (Video Game). He was awesome villain that didn’t take sh*t from anyone and always looked like he was going to cause trouble every time he’s on screen.

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