Wow people actually think zangief's garbage because of his green hand nerf

they don’t even think zangief can be good without his green hand knocking down they fail to realize what they gained with the new L.SPD Range and the improved U2 even than they act like Vanilla Gief was the best zangief…honestly is there anyone out there who doesn’t think the red cyclone’s low tier?

You mean top tier? I think he is top tier.

I dunno, I mean U2 is better but it’s still pretty lousy in my opinion because again the main problem is just getting the fucking thing out before you get hit by an air attack. So in regards to U1 Gief, yeah, the Green Hand nerf makes his life miserable. Nonetheless we will still get around it.

he’s really not that bad

For a lot of match ups he is.

i like him more in ae but i dont really play him much in ae.
in super he was good but with the extra range on spd is great.
i rather not have knockdown on ex green hand

Why? Its perfect for his U1

is that a reply to me or the other guy ?

Not really. There’s no question that Zangief benefited way more from a wakeup vortex.

The key to playing Zangief is not to grab people but to scare them and punish them for trying to avoid being grabbed.

We already have a thread for this

This thread is kinda dumb; but to OP Vanilla Gief was the fucking shit. He would be the sole occupant of S+ tier in AE; it wouldn’t even be funny.

For the re

Yeah, and now with the new SPD I’d argue they are more afraid than ever to be grabbed sine the range on that thing is SF2-esque. I think AE Gief is significantly better than Super Gief because of the improved SPD and U2. To be honest, I even feel you still get a pretty good guessing game going against your opponent with the new EXGH, and in some ways I like it more because people have less time to think about how they will try to escape.

Well, the improved SPD is an unquestionable advantage. But while U2 is indeed better I still think it’s pretty shitty. It’s STILL a pain in the ass to land correctly, and if you don’t really use U2 all that much because of this then it can’t really be written up as an advantage; it just seems like U1 Gief gets a little hosed by virtue of this fact. Gief just doesn’t seem like he was meant to incorporate air offense into his game. He benefits way more from being strictly ground-based.

The only battle between U2 and U1 is that characters such as Dhalsim will play so effing lame if u have u2 and if u choose u1 then Yoga Sniper all day


you could say that about any grappler

The best U2’er in the game.

Are you really going to tell me that U2 is easier to land than U1? Seriously now? It can’t even be ticked into, it inhibits Zangief greatly. U2 is a lot more of a gamble than U1.

There is already an active thread for this discussion. I will reply to this post in the proper thread.

walks in after long absence cheating with Seth and Oni
…I’m of the group that likes the knockdown on EXGH…I’m still not convinced otherwise as every match-up I’ve seen with Gief, at BEST Gief ,milks it for more damage 1 out of like 7 times, compared to the damage milked from a knockdown, I’d rather have knockdown. I’m also not impressed with the post EXGH mixups, they remind me of Oni’s hand slash…they have some potential ‘right now’, but 3-6months from now? Naw.With that said, I still wouldn’t call Gief low teir…he’s never been low teir in SF4. Top tier no…I’m of the ‘opinion’ at this point that if he hasn’t won a tourny yet (major) then he isn’t top teir - but you’d be a fool to consider him low teir.

And no I’m not complaining about the change anymore, I’m over it…but I think the knockdown was better than what its like now…and while lp spd has great reach, I ‘personally’ have not found it to alter the game by leaps and bound, its a tweak, nothing more nothing less…it hasn’t ‘for me’ created some new mix-up situation short of EXGH combo ender ‘bait’, that wil lget back-dashed and punished.

U2 is better and more viable now, I’ve done some nice things with it and take it over U1 at this point…pretty consistently. shrug

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