Wow Sagat OP?

RYU: played like two months in G2 bracket

championships: 2

SAGAT: played two days in G2 bracket

Championships: 2, + replay upload because of high CP

I’ve used Ryu about 950 times total

I’ve only used sagat about 15 times total.

His jump initiation combo can easily do 700 damage (with 2 bars + ultra).
His projectiles are the fastest in the game.
His projectiles can combo (ex’s).
His attacks hit really hard.

Um yea.

I think I’m going to abuse this character from now on.

edit: not to mention sagat has a lot of the same ultra setups as ryu.

You are a pathetic scrub.

You had only ever won 2 championships before playing Sagat @_@

Definately not OP but certainly a strong character.
He isnt the only character that can hit hard…

You probably just blow with Ryu. And there is no way to really know if your Sagat championships were against decent comp or not. You’re also fucking stupid.

Btw, 3 months and only 2 championships is shitty. Ryu is a VERY powerful character also. Especially if you actually have some skill.

I’m smart enough not to buy an XBOX you fucking shitcake.

Hahahahahahahah +1

Wow, you are a pathetic troll as well as being a pathetic scrub.

How about you stop trolling and post something productive you “scrub”?

and btw im not kidding about the xbox thing, anyone who buys an xbox is a retarded goat.

ultima simple…shut the fuck up

Isnt sagat god tier?

If you spent so much time in g2 and only won 2 championships you must suck real bad. Ryu is the 2nd best char in the game.

Anyways, a friend of mine (scrub) literally grinded through g2 by using sagat and now that he’s in g1 he stopped playing cship mode because he can’t win a single round.
To make a long story short, against scrubs (g2) even a scrub can have great success using sagat.
At higher levels of play you can’t win just because you use sagat

You know why this doesn’t matter? Because 98% of the people who play this game aren’t in G1.

These forums sure suck.

Over at the Chun-li forums Az is translating Nemo’s blog posts on Chun-li secrets.

Az join the Sagat squadron already.

This thread was informative… subscribed.

Sagat and Ryu are both top teir.

What a troll heaven this Sagat forum has become…kids who clearly suck at SFIV, who have only won 4 championships in 4 months, who then state Sagat is OP. Yeah, GTFO scrubby troll. You suck at this game, you suck at being a troll, and your logic is dumb as hell. Is that productive for you scrub? Or do you want me to call you a scrub more scrub?

Ryu is the best character in the game… period. I’m not complaining, I play a wide variety of characters, ryu being one of them.

Sagat is not. He does insane damage, wins at guessing games, not the best footsies etc. etc. I won’t go on about it. If you couldn’t win with ryu, but are now winning with sagat and have no experience my guess is you’re only zoning with sagat against impatient players, and doing DP’s on players who always want to press buttons and never block. Either way, read up on the forum and step your game up so you can be a legit sagat. Or quit so you stop making us look bad :frowning:

sagat. scrubbiest character in the game ftw

enjoy mediocrity

I bet your a little acne faced nerd who plays games all day while smoking weed and neglecting school and work.

Can we just come up with a way that any “Sagat is overpowered” comments get automaticlly deleted? Enough of this already.