Wow...some shrek game completely ripped off Zelda

i stumbled across this video from off of the blog of one of the guys of IGN…

all i have to say is…wow…did this guy not think that anyone would recognize that music? It doesn’t even sound like they even attempted to arrange it differently or anything!

wow, nintendo should probably take legal action for something like that.
koji kondo is gonna be pissed the fuck off when he finds out his music is being used for shrek of all things.

Thats pretty insane, talk about music piracy.

Pretty funny though, nice find.

I emailed that link. I wonder if they will give a shit

the really funny thing about this…is that v-tech seemd to not give a damn at all that they were stealing that music…the music was EXACTLY THE FUCKIN SAME…no new arrangement, not remix…no nothing…i mean at least people who steal stuff at least put SOMETHING in it …but whoever it was that did was just like ‘fuck it…i’m so lazy…ahh…uh i’ll just steal something from LOZ…NOBODY WILL EVERY KNOW…’ -_-…i mean come on…seriously now…what the fuck was this guy thinking!?

Indeed… Time for Nintendo to make some money I say…

Nintendo 'bout to eat a niggas food.

That’s crazy.Like the other poster mentioned,most people that rip music at least fucking speed it up,remix it a few times,or do something to it doesn’t sound exactly the same.

Sega did this when Micheal Jackson composed some of the music for Sonic 3.The hints are there that he did the music,but you have to dig deep,and even then it’s pretty hard to tell.

This POS developer just straight up jacked it