Wow, Super Versus Battle. Just wow

OK, so I made top 8 at 3rd Strike for Super Versus Battle today (for those of you unaware, it’s a big European tourney in London). Finals were meant to start at 11am to open up the day, so 7 of 8 players arrived. The one missing player was LLL|Ryan Hart, and because he’s such a well-known player the judges waited around for him. Meanwhile there were technical difficulties on the machines, or so we were told.

After 50 minutes of waiting, the judge has finally had enough and tells us all that Ryan has been disqualified. He goes on in a little rant about how the people you trust the most let you down, and how two French players made it in on time while local boy Ryan isn’t here on time.

Half an hour later, they are still having those technical difficulties, and the judges finally get a call from Ryan Hart saying he’s on his way. Ten minutes later, he finally shows up. They let him play and basically act as if his disqualification never happened.

I’m not sure what I found worse. The fact that Ryan Hart showed up 90 minutes late to finals, or the fact that the guys running the competition went back on their disqualification. If you throw out a player you can’t put them back in. It’s unfair on the rest of us who sat around patiently in the hall that Ryan got to play with no sort of penalty or consequence.

So…yeah. Sort of unimpressed.

Whilst its not cool that that happened, are you sure posting on SRK about this is really the right way to go about putting forward your complaint?:xeye:

eric v is running euro tourneys now?

perks of being a top player.

In some situations it sucks, but if no one had anything to do but be at that tournament that day and wasn’t holding any other tournament up, and its for top 8 I don’t see whats the big deal of waiting.

Why did you start a whole thread for this? And couldnt you have posted it on NeoEmpire where people would have actually cared and responded?

Whats disgusting is that if it was some Joe Nobody, they would have disqualified him after 10 minutes of being late and there would never have been magical problems with cabinets, imo


your avi is oddly fitting for this thread

Yea this should go in the fighting game discussion.

No, because this is related to a tournament.

i agree.