WOW! Thanks! and Welcome!

WOW! I can’t thank you enough, Inkblot!

So I guess a big warm welcome to the SF Comic discussion forum!

In case if anyone is new here and don’t know, I am Erik Ko, Chief of Operations of UDON. I will be posting here regularly to give you guys the latest update on the SF comic, and to answer questions you have to the best of my knowledge.

Something to take a note of -

I will be checking the boards probably on a daily basis, and occasionally in the weekend. So most likely, you will get answers to most questions within 24 to 48 hrs. If there are times that I am disappearing, that probably means I am too swamped with work or I might be away for a trip.

I welcome any constructive comment and criticism, but please be kind and do not bash others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we do noty always have to totally agree on things. This is a friendly place and I would definately want to see it keeps going this way.

That said, let’s have some fun here!!

cool, you guys got a section here, makes us all feel more official to colaborate like this(not that i did anything :P)
I hope it all goes well for you guys. i have yet to see your comic, except a few covers and panels, but i luv what i see so far.

anyway, I know well be seeing a lot more quality titles from you guys. Keep up the good work and have fun with the great opportunity that you guys got.


This is the best thing to happen to since it opened. :smiley:

Cool. I like comic book. Great work!!! :smiley:

I just got my set of 3 , issue #2 in the mail .
I think it’s going very well and seems to go along with past SF titles storylines very well (speaking from the 2 anime movies primarily) .

Unfortunately , I can’t get the comics from a the only comic shop within 50 miles cause they only seem to get 2-3 copies in each month . Is there anyway I can order them on-line (I’ve had to pick up cover variants off eBay so you know I’m getting ripped)

Thanks for the great work


Hell yea! I like that their sticking with the comunity. I wanna know if any SNK crossovers will happen?

I work for that comic book store, the main office. You can buy comics online there! Whoo! :smiley:

i just about baught from that store till i saw the shipping … holy mother of god … $2.95 + $2.95 … good price hell ya … shipping $8.00 . hell no .
shipping is both comics + another one …


#1 & 2 second printing, & #3 to 4 Covers A & B are still available for re-order through ANY comic book store.

yeah man nice job in the comics. ttylz.

Great stories! Im looking forward to the next arc!


Great too see you post here,
GOD I love your guys stuff, GREAT job well done.

The Art is so SEXY hehe, Now im trying to get every comic and covers, etc you peoples have produced…Mmissing a few but almost there hehe Keep up the good WORK.

Thats awesome I am going to start coming here all the time now.

Thats awesome I am going to start coming here all the time now.

Sorry if you’ve been asked this a million times already, but how far into future issues can we expect to see SF3 characters? The story’s coming along very nicely, but I can’t help being impatient.

So Udoneko ain’t one of the dudes who made the art?
that sucks.

Hey, nice going with acquiring Darkstalkers and Rival Schools, btw. I’d heard that Capcom either loved what you did what SF, or hated how DW killed the MegaMan book, I suspect it’s a little of both. Hope to see lots of Taliban! :slight_smile:

udon rocks! you guys made the endings for capcom fighting jam, they looked so great!

I love this place …

… really. I’d love to see what you guys plan to do with SF3 and beyond … i’d be cool if you could draw sf3 with the sf3 art style … that’d be neat.

Waaaai~! It’s Erik!

I didn’t expect to find you here, but for some reason I’m not surprised. :bgrin: I’m a friend of Dex Odani’s; he and I met at Billy Tucci’s Crusade booth at SDCC '04, and I’ve been giving him a little input on his HSA scripts since then. When he learned of my SF addiction, he suggested I read Udon’s comics (read: he couldn’t stop raving about how good the series was and nearly had apoplexy when he discovered I hadn’t yet read them). Now, I have the three-issue run produced by Malibu and, well, after reading that one I was understandably leery about reading another. :rolleyes: I finally cracked and managed to procure the foil edition of #7 – hey, I just had to have that wicked picture of Ryu, seeing as he’s my favorite; huge kudos to Jo Chen! – and I must say I’m not just impressed, I’m twitching to get the rest of them now! Unfortunately, the only comic shop in my area stocking them seems to be selling them for a rather large markup: the price for each foil issue is somewhere in the vicinity of $30 (yes, Cdn; I’m in Edmonton).

I suppose what I have to ask you is this:

  1. Is Udon going to SDCC this year?
  2. If so, will you have the entire series up to date for sale there, and will you be offering a package deal if the books are bought all at once?

Dex keeps telling me how cool you are (and he’ll probably shoot me if he reads this), so if you’ll be at SDCC, I hope to meet you there. :slight_smile: