WOW! Thanks! and Welcome!

I believe …

Udoneko said something like SDCC is the only Con they’ll be doing at all. If you want to catch up they also have the TPB’s on sale for $9.99 … Round 1: Fight is #0-6 and Round 2 is coming soon … but yeah … get the individual issues for the Back up stories and cheap shots too … why not try ordering from ? … they have quite the collection … check out Darkstalkers too … Just as good as SF.

You’d think they’d be going to the Toronto one don’t you think? And no Wizard World this time? Not that it means anything to me anyway. Another good site for the SF comics is

Thanks for the links, guys. I’ll definitely be checking them out – er, as soon as cash flow permits, anyway. Working at EB leads to all sorts of temptation. :sweat:

Since the UDON guys were at Anime North in 2004, (I didn’t know about udon at all back then, sadly) I was so hoping to see them again over there this year.

Sadly, there was no UDON booth in the dealer’s room :frowning:

Hello Erik. Could you thank Ken Siu-Chong for signing my Issue #0 last year? I never took it out since. My question to Mr. Ko is this…

Will Alpha 3’s events happen in the SF II series and will Deejay make a better appearance?