WoW this sucks (A world of warcraft webcomic)

Feel free to critique or whatever.

Geez, been like years since I’ve posted here.

Alliance sucks Alliance sucks Alliance sucks!

This makes me very glad. <3

i miss you aquarake : (

Well if you want a proper critique, I’d say the last panel has too many jokes slapped on one after another. U got the teehee then the big knife then the tree then the not really bit. The impact of it just wears off. I think it’d work better if you take out the undead bubbles. Well that’s my honest opinion.:smile:

Overall it’s a cute comic.:bgrin:

I remember u used to post art here a long time ago, but sadly I forgot what pic you did.:sad:

My stuff has long since improved from what you remember, but still not up to par w/ some of you guys here. Incase you’re interested…

What he said. I’m happy that you’ve a devart account at least.

Agreeing with 12 on the WoW strip comment, the ending was funny, but the last panel is sort of saturated as far as jokes are concerned. That’d be subtle and funny if it was just the illustration and the in-box text. :slight_smile:

Either way though, I REALLY appreciate the critiques. I’ll probably have one up by today or tomorrow.

WoW that sucks indeed …
lol th rhytham

bark skin FTL, that’s pretty funny haha. good stuff. can you help me write something?

Emmm I guess?

I LOL’d. The elf’s name alone is humorous in itself as well. My aunt used to sell herbal products of that kind.