Wow...this sure is one demonized breed of gentle animal, isn't it?

Wow…people going to such lengths to frame these poor animals. For shame.

It’s a conspiracy against pitbulls. The liberal media are breedists.

Can we get an official Pit bull thread? We getting one of these per week. :coffee:

They are trying to disarm us of our biological weapons of mass destruction.

“Times the 16-year-old mother didn’t discover her son was dead until a neighbor knocked on the mother’s door and woke her around noon. They said mom answered the door, then turned around and saw what had happened to her newborn son.”


Chica was asleep and was awakened by the door. Baby was probably sleeping behind her, or at least closer to the rear of the room than she was. Or perhaps the dog yanked the kid off the bed, bit and shook him (killing her) and tossed him where he couldn’t be immediately seen by his mom. Not on purpose, of course. You know how dogs fling things they shake when they let go of them. Her friends probably saw a smear of blood where the kid hit the wall beside the bed.


Yeah…her lack of immediate baby-sense echolocation is the problem here, not the dog, which attacked the child without provocation. Riiight.

they need to require people to own a license in order to own a pit bull, or just ban the breed altogether. too many irresponsible morons. leaving a baby alone with any animal is bad enough, but a pit bull? jesus.

the common thread here in both this story and the previous one is incompetent and moronic parents. in the previous thread, i linked a story where a baby had been left with a dachshund, which then mutilated its genitals. dont leave kids alone with animals. let alone a pitbull. the mom deserves to be spayed and jailed.

How do you know it wasn’t provoked? That article says nothing about provocation your just pulling a bunch of “what ifs” from thin air in order to help your argument hold water (which it doesn’t despite your best efforts) Really WTF is a 7 DAY OLD BABY doing sleeping where a dog could get to it? That’s what Cribs are for. I hope you never have children, you’re obviously a moron.

Yo, genius: maybe mom wanted to catch a nap with her kid? Most parent’s don’t raise their kids at arm’s length, and seem to actually be unable to put the poop-factories down for more than a minute. People generally put their kids in cribs when they get older than just a couple days. Till then, they want to be as close to that kid as possibly as much as possible. Don’t you know anything about women? Have you never observed this for yourself? Now, I won’t lie: there are different parenting styles. I don’t know enough caucasian women to know how much time they spend around their new babies, but I know plenty sisters and latinas, and they KEEP that kid damn near attached to them, sometimes letting them sleep in the same bed until they get to be like 2 or so years old. This woman was more than likely a latina. And wtf is a week-old INFANT POSSIBLY doing to piss off an animal? You wanna explain that to me? I think the dog just saw his chance to remove something that was sucking attention away from him, and thought “Game on”. You don’t need to be tossing statements like clueless around, cuz you seem to more than qualify yourself.

Such violent creatures
We should put them all to death.

Ok well I;m sure those latinas keep their kids close enough when they sleep with them to know if a dog is fucking with their kid. I can’t believe your fucking defending this woman. She left her 7 day old baby where a dog could get to it and she wouldn’t know. Anything could have happened to it at that point. She was clearly not sleeping close enough to the kid to be aware of what was happening to it if a dog was able to kill it without waking her up.

Yo Genius. Mothers keep their kids safe. She clearly did not.

Edit: You pulled a Ninja Edit on me. What did the baby do to provoke the dog? Fucking anything, IT’S AN ANIMAL! Just looking a dog in the eyes can be a enough to provoke it. Shit ask any doctor,psychologist, or anyone with a fucking brain. They’ll tell you when you bring a new born home BE CAREFUL OF ALL YOUR ANIMALS. ALL OF THEM! Shit they tell you to be mindful of your own kids because of jealousy issues. Any animal could have done this. It’s HER FAULT for not protecting her kid.

Seriously don’t breed.

two to one odds say she wasn’y paying attention, and her story is bullshit

This dude is spot-on.

Baby TOTALLY had it coming.

Damn, people just don’t learn do they?

You gotta keep them pitbulls chained and if they even dares look at you the wrong way, smack 'em up. Always works. He gotta respect the alpha male.

This is a good point. You know how belligerent 7-day-olds can be.

I think I’m beginning to understand. That dog probably saved us from a real-life Stewie. Pit bulls are awesome!! Their attacks on seemingly harmless people are simply attempts to save humanity from itself, and not inbred multiplied aggression.

Wow I’ve never seen SRK fail common sense parenting so fucking badly. It’s really pathetic.

This is fucked up.

The mother is mainly at fault for this but the dog should be put down regardless.