Wow...this sure is one demonized breed of gentle animal, isn't it?

**Wow…this sure is one demonized breed of gentle animal, isn’t it? **



Lab puppy





Poodle & Jack Russel

*Wow…people going to such lengths to frame these poor animals. For shame. *

Wow, I’m good at google and Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and I like e-attention

…so yeah, fuck you.

was this thread really necessary? You could easily have posted this in the other thread.

He’s just fishing for an infraction is all.

Which breed does this most often and is the most prone to random, unprovoked attacks?

Uh huh, thought so. Simply because others do it once in a while doesn’t mean that they’re on the same level as the ones notorious for it. There’s a reason for that notoriety.

Also, kudos on making a whole thread devoted to pointing out that you haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about.

Off topic. Every time I see this avatar I crack up.

Nice to know it still works:tup: