Wreck it Ralph: Good, or Bad?

Recently, Disney have rolled out a trailer to their new film, Wreck It Ralph, about a video game villain who’s reaching out to become a good guy, with cameos from famous games trying to convince Ralph to stay bad, such as Kano from MK (What the hell is MK doing in a kids movie?!, Zangief from Street Fighter (He’s not even a bad guy, even if his russian accent makes him sound like it), Dr. Robotnik, and so forth, and I have to say, even though I’m an avid game fan, I’m not going to look forward to the final product’s release.
Not that a concept like this isn’t good in it’s own right, it’s just that whenever Disney try to reach out to the hip audience, the new generation, they always fail (I’m looking at you, Atlantis), especially if it’s geared towards minors and pre-teens.
I don’t think the film will be bad in general if it’s also geared towards adults as well as mindless kids, but when you compare it to other Disney/Pixar works, it just feels like it’s on the same levels as Illuminous Entertainment with Despicable Me, or the Lorax, and coming from a gaming afficianado like me, that’s saying a lot.

Let me know what you guys think as soon as you watch the trailer, and whether you think it will be good or not!

Zangiefs been portrayed as a bad guy in like everything sf besides the games.
And it looks pretty cool.

Yeah, it does with all these cameos and these game concepts, I just hope that Disney doesn’t ruin it by catering to young kids as well. I also like the fact that just like Tangled, it uses 2d animation and gives them a 3d cgi outer shell.

this movie will be horrible

atlantis was pretty good.

take off your hipster cap. pixar/disney still has a good track record.

Wait, people aren’t PUMPED for this movie?

It looks great!

…although I will admit my initial reaction was “Zangief isn’t a bad guy.” :smiley:

Didn’t really say Atlantis was bad, it was good in general, especially the animation, but the villains and some other moments kept it from being groundbreaking, especially seeing how bad the box office bomb was. Disney has a good track record, except from the amount of sequels and Sitcoms they crap out and a few movies like Home on the Range, and Chicken Little. (F***ing hate that movie)

Let me know when you learn how to use the search function first…then I’ll tell you to GTFO.

Zangief was a bad guy in the street fighter movie, he worked for Bison
Speaking of which, he is in this too

in the street fighter movie he served bison…

gief: general bison is a bad guy? if you know this then why do u serve him?
dee jay: cause he paid me a freakin fortune moron
gief: u got…paid?


Those threads were bad. But, if this thread is also bad, then maybe Wreck it Ralph is a good movie?

Lol! XD Just saying though, it’s my own opinion and first response after all, who’s to judge that?

Fuck that shit, nigga, the trailer looks dope as fuck.

Like I said, might be good, but I’m not too confident that the film will be well recieved and will live up to the, and you can definately tell that Roger Ebert’s not going to enjoy this film, he hates video games after all.

Yeah I agree. It’s very rare that a big budjet hollywood flick puts focus on video games (and pays homage to a classic). I’m expecting Roger Rabbit level cameos and some fun references. I think the OP is in the minority. How fucking awesome is it that they would even consider Street Fighter? It even further solidifies how iconic these characters really are.

I have to say I’m pretty excited for this film.

This is new John lassetter ran disney. Even bolt was fun

This movie will do big business. It looks really fun and funny

New school roger rabbit. Fuck outta here with the disney bashing

yeah why hate on this? it looks cool. Gief IS a villain, Late 80s and Early 90s: Russians = Bad.

Honetly complaining that a disney movie is geared towards kids is stupid

This movie looks awesome. STFU you old men.