Wrestlefest pro wants to become sf 4 pro

hi guys
im a well renowned canadian wrestlefest player
ive been playing it since it came out in 1991 and placed 1st in several tournaments held at my local laundromat, oh ya also im canadian
however i think after 18 years its time to switch to something new and more popular, so ive decided on street fighter 4
ive never played a street fighter game before, but im sure its the same thing, because wrestlefest also has a punch kick and grapple, i dont think it will be a big difference
im thinking of using another wrestler, i think his name is zangief, but remember im canadian (not communist lol), and also being trained by one of the greatest zangiefs ever, jinrai

so i hope i can come become the greatest canadian sf4 player ever
i know i have some competition ahead of me, but hopefully zangief can carry this lonesome canadian into the finals and everyones hearts
i dont want to be known as just the BEST wrestlefest player, i want to be good at other games too, and this definitely seems something new and popular enough

yes and in case you forgot, i am canadian and i am really really good at wrestlefest

post your tits

the best!



GD is “that way” :r::r::r::rolleyes:

so what the hell happened to the other post…

whats a wrestlefest?

Be quiet, if you bring it up th-…

Gets hit by train

I won’t believe you until you make a website dedicated to yourself, and post your credentials all over the internet, and you can even make up a bunch of tournaments that you won or got 2nd in if you’d like.

Actually, I’m the best Wrestlefest player in the US and I’m going to have to say THE WORLD! I’ve never even heard of you in the Wrestlefest scene. I’ve traveled every where to play Wrestlefest and I have never been defeated. East coast? Psh. West Coast? Only game they’re good at is SF. I’ve even been to your precious Canada but they’re all scrubs. Even the top players in Japan didn’t stand a chance. So next time you want to post up a bunch of crap saying that you’re a pro and all when no one’s even heard of you, you might want to think twice. But if you actually think you can even beat me with my hands tied behind my back in Wrestlefest, I’ll gladly accept an MM from you because I know that it would be too free.

You’re a conceited faggot! GTFO!:mad:

Seriously, I think it would help to be a little more humble, plus I don’t even think you’re Canadian. You’re probably saying that to get more attention.

I think this thread is a parody.

I think… that his response was a parody as well.

^^I think your response is a parody.

EDIT: I believe that is no joke sir. Also, I’m also best known DDR and ITG player in the nation look it up on the intertubes.

Sarcasm doesn’t compute well on the intarweb. :clown:

You guys should be appalled for making a mockery of this…Wrestlefest is LIFE. Rant rant…end rant.


You should play Chun-li :rofl:

I swear the next person who says wrestlefest is gonna get pistol whipped.