Wrestling AV request

Huh…I could have sworn there was this huge ass avatar request thread stickied here? No matter…

Following my time-old tradition of wrestling avs, I decided to conjure up a new one, so if there are any takers, help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the scoop:

Step 1

Caption: “It’s not him”

Step 2

Caption: “Nor him (He’s not even Mexican, BTW)”
“Nor him” and “(He’s not even Mexican, BTW)” separated please

Step 3

Caption: “Top tier Mexicano right here!”

Step 4

Caption: “Expert in maiming dem jodidos gringos”
(These don’t have to be animated, BTW)

Step 5

Caption: “But you… You already know that!”
“But you” and “You already know that!” separated please.

All resized to regular AV size, if you may.

Thanks in advance! You’re the best, mah doods!

I’ll be impressed if anyone can squash all that into a regular-sized av and make it look half-decent. :looney:

It’s gonna have to be a black-and-white or sepia av for sure.

Everybody’s gone. :sad:

This could be epic, Lantis.


No takers? :confused:

Non premium is gonna be really hard.

Man that’s a hella interesting av idea…

I don’t see why we can’t get another thread started…Looks at above posters


NO. :coffee:

Sad Face

Last time I checked, the size difference between prem-sized and regular-sized avs wasn’t that big.

Would eliminating step 4 help things? :confused:

Here’s my attempt:


Not bad :coffee:

[Hakan]Not bad![/Hakan] (Hmmmm…Turkish wrestling…I will hold that thought…)

Actually, it’s pretty cool as a matter of fact!

Thanks savaii! :tup:

EDIT: Apparently, it.s 0.5 KB over the required file limit. It’s there any way around that?

AH dammit. I’ll fix it when I get home. :smiley: I dun goofed.

Took a while…cause I forgot! :smiley:


Now we’re talking! :tup:

Thanks again! Credit already up in my sig. :cool: