Wrestling Thread: Mods please close


Yeah can see the character running people the wrong way. Also as Swedish said, being the hot tag hoss really hide his flaws, as they did with Titus. Mojo has more potential than the Titus brand though. Guy doesnt need to go on a solo run though.

Yeah, He ain’t hype is dumb but in a good way. Can see it getting lowkey over with the crowd if it isnt abused much.

Also that HHH dig xD


Im in love.



Lol they didn’t even try with that shirt


I love the pigtails look for alexa, with that ass

Alexa best woman.

I hope Sami gets a draw with Braun, then shane and bryan come out to say they signed him. And then raw gets eva marie


William Regal answers questions about the UK tournament


So, Spud jobs to King Maxel…
RIP all of Spud’s credibility.


Looks like they had 3-4 different t-shirt ideas and decided to just throw them all on one.


Ryder/Hawkins/Edge team

Didn’t the Wyatt Family (when they had 4 members) do the 4 Horsemen sign???


Dude is straight up being fucked by bob ryder. I have no sympathy for him.

Like at least offer yourself to pat patterson


What the hell? Women’s match was booted to the pre-show?

EDIT: That was weird, Renee said the match was “coming next” but it looks like that’s not going to happen being it’s at the half-hour mark.


Fuck i hope iron man opens

I hope they push the whoe no more rematches clause

Also lol at wwe shitting on enzo, big cass singles push coming

Enzo would be better in the cw division

Booker just making sense


This random team up is the best thing to happen to Sheamus, seems to have rejuvenated him.


So 500 days or New champion?
Hard to choose.


Steam is and Cesaro have to win or there is no point.


Cesaro and Sheamus two of the best big men in wwe

Love their synergy

I want tyson kidd to blast woods


Wow…Cesaro and Sheamus with that trickery!!!


Hell yeah for that finish

Lol crowd popping for sheamus


They really are an amazing tag team.


That was a fun match.


Sheamus and Bret got a lot in common

Sheamus and Cesaro are one of the best teams. I guess jobbing to Roman does benefit you sometimes