Wrestling Thread: Mods please close


It did nothing, that only works if the baby face needs to be elevated but Sami is already vastly far above Braun they are grooming me to lose to Reigns Strowman.


Well yeah, definitely far below than what Sami’s capable of or what he deserves but given his place on the card at the moment and the suicidal feud he is in, it still was somewhat digestible. It looked like Sami wasn’t content with how the match ended and would want a proper match

It’ll be sad if he loses the overall feud.


Can’t wait until Aries is able to get back into the ring…and dominate the Cruiserweights.

Wait…they finally remember Neville!!!


Yassss my boy Neville taking what he is owed.


Fuck yes nxt heel neville returns and crowd pops for him

Hoss bad ass neville lol


probably the first time I liked Neville.


If Braun lost to the skankin ska guy cab driver, ALL of Braun’s credibilty would be shot to hell. Glad it went the way it did, no one should be jobbing to Sami Zayn.


Start the slow burn to Bayley winning it at Wrestlemania…


Like Neville is always a huge dude, he is going to be a bad ass monster in the division

Fuck i don’t get why wwe did not use people who could get over

But the only cw guys who gets a reaction are lince for his mask and flips, then ali and daivari who get reactions due to being middle easterners.

Really looking forward to Tajiri, Akira, Metalik, Hideo, & Aries to resurrect the division


Just getting settled in from work, what did I miss so far!?


I’m watching total nonstop deletion instead of road block.


No rematch clause?

I hope Charlotte wins. Charlotte losing to Bayley or Nia Jax on ppv needs tl happen

I bet we get a rematch at royal rumble

I need to see Nia powerbomb both these bitches after the match

Reigns/Owens is going to go 50 minutes tonight i guess





Playing Overwatch during this shifest of a match, worst feud of the year.


Playing KOF XIV over this sad feud. Might catch highlights


let me look at the clock so I know when to tap, sudden death where charlotte maintains her ppv record.


im not listening to this fool for the rest of the year. said he didnt understand how their was a point to anyone in rogue one lmfao.


And of course overtime have to extend a shit feud wi 5th a shit ending.


thought you was on that overwatch? lol


Good Iron man match…glad the feud is finally over.

Slow burn to Bayley breaking Charlotte’s streak and winning the belt at WM.