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I’m excited that Nikki Storm is signed by WWE…it’s been a year in the making.


Again shitty thread title

Like seriously. C’mon be cooler

At least hit us with

Naito: No Fucks Given

You have the imagination of a white guy from ohio

EViL? Indeed!

Here Comes the Pain, In sable

Where neckbeards are now on screen

The Curse of Papa Shango, who get injured next?

Where we complain, and continue to watch.

Yes the utimate warrior died, in 2014.

The Wrestling Thead: Where “2016” happens every year


Yeah, shut the fuck up Dab00g no one cares.


The thread titles you suggested aren’t much better tbh.


Can that be the thread title?


Emma vs Becky has a huge amount of potential. Two of the more talented technical wrestlers in their division, both hungry right now, both can put on excellent matches.

Also Emma KTFO Becky with her splash, one of the few times I’ve seen a non-kayfabe pin in WWE.


Becky/Emma could be a good feud

Also i think it is cool we got women feuding to move up title contention instead of feuding because “all women hate each other”

Somebody needs to do the damn stunner as a finisher.

I hope karl anderson uses it calls it the gun stun and gets over.

I think we get no debuts this week. I would rather have vignettes for bullet club

Those vignettes can help. Or just give them a live mic and get over like that


Miz should keep the ic belt for a year! :smiley:


I would not mind that. Miz is a heat magnet. He will get people frothing for him to lose the belt.

I really want Kalisto to lose the belt to Samoa Joe. So Joe can call out Cena.

The hawaii card potentially could have Reigns, Usos, Hideo, Nakamura, nia, tamina, making it the most asian/pacific islander packed card since Royal Rumble 94


New thread, same old wwe.
The consistent things in life.




Here are the matches confirmed for the next New Japan PPV’s.


Y’all making me keep track of a new thread on a Monday grrrr.

*Old man cane shaking

Glad Naito is really growing into his heel role and the title change is a big deal.

I’m hearing Comacho’s match came off like shit, looks like his rehabbing is going to take longer than Sanadas.


Naito is such a great heel. Love his Slaking gimmick.


Looking forward to more Banks statements being cashed.



So I guess that leaves him out of the GCS…


You know when njpw started with gedo/jado they changed from strong style into WWE dramatics/safe style

Like guys aren’t taking those head drops unless it is a botch and pretty much it elongated careers of the older guys.

With nakamura gone, the last pure strong style worker is Shibata.

Cody Hall got hurt, but is fine.

I bet it will be a trend to send sons to japan to learn/make a name


Can someone please explain to me why the old wrestling thread was closed?


Kinniku requested it…it was getting quite big anyway.

Usually there would be a thread refresh after every WM season.


For some reason he gets to make the topic

I think it’s white privelege


Just go on daily motion, type in njpw and watch okada/naito, ricochet/sydal vs roppongi vice, and shibata/tenzan

Shibata has gone heel on the old dudes, and it is great

Ricochet will finish his njpw tour, finished up with lu, and took no bookings for june.

Dude is nxt bound, fuck yeah