Wrestling Thread: Mods please close


Can someone please explain to me why the old wrestling thread was closed?


Kinniku requested it…it was getting quite big anyway.

Usually there would be a thread refresh after every WM season.


For some reason he gets to make the topic

I think it’s white privelege


Just go on daily motion, type in njpw and watch okada/naito, ricochet/sydal vs roppongi vice, and shibata/tenzan

Shibata has gone heel on the old dudes, and it is great

Ricochet will finish his njpw tour, finished up with lu, and took no bookings for june.

Dude is nxt bound, fuck yeah


Ok thanks.

Please don’t go there.


Kayfabe brother


Thank god

Also ricochet working the super j cup, or maybe he is swerving us all.

Here is Naito’s translated press conference promo

Yeah, no fucks given. Pipe bomb


Do you mean that follow-up match at Takeover Brooklyn? If so, that was actually Charlotte fucking up and not breaking it up.


Due to that win, nxt actually gave a push to emma and she got aa title shot


Yea that botch was OD.

Charlotte doesn’t even sell to pinfalls.

Speaking of Women’s Wrestling:



I’d be full of shit if I said I could dodge that.





Like we expected ANYTHING sensible to come from that HIAC other than Shane actually being sore from almost killing himself, lol.


Shane’s WM 32 match against Undertaker was just an excuse for him to jump off something.


WWE is just one big lollercoaster.


TNA and GFW are falling into harder times. TNA are moving out of their offices into their merchandise warehouse as a cost cutting measure.

Jeff Jarrett is apart of a pyramid scheme


I honestly don’t care that it didn’t matter. Shane died and we still win.


No one wins anything. Vince still in charge for real.


It’s true. Shane died for our sins and was risen to give us NXT talent on the main roster.

Praise be to Shane O’Mac


TNA’s TV ratings last week was something like 220,000 viewers.

It’s one thing to suck and be spiraling downward, but it’s like that company has no fight in them whatsoever and is enjoying their descent.


And that 220k is after their ratings dropped almost 15% from the previous week.


No, that was Dana Brooke.