Wrestling Thread: Mods please close


No one wins anything. Vince still in charge for real.


It’s true. Shane died for our sins and was risen to give us NXT talent on the main roster.

Praise be to Shane O’Mac


TNA’s TV ratings last week was something like 220,000 viewers.

It’s one thing to suck and be spiraling downward, but it’s like that company has no fight in them whatsoever and is enjoying their descent.


And that 220k is after their ratings dropped almost 15% from the previous week.


No, that was Dana Brooke.


PS: Efnet seems to be working fine for me right now.

What was the alternative method?



Man, no matter how much it bleeds, the damn thing won’t die.

btw, can we stick the old relevant links from the previous thread in the OP on this one? I can only remember the efnet one, so…


hmmm. Maybe the fact that I can’t even remember them is a sign of how relevant they are.



Edit: I was thinking of the 2014 thread. 2015 thread was fine. If anyone has stuff they want to add like podcasts, websites…etc. just let me know and I’ll update the OP.


Quakenet. I’ll check if Efnet works for me when I can get on.


Jeff trying to sell me gold is hilarious. You should read some of the product reviews of the parent company. Apparently they send you a big empty box with about 10% of the gold value of what you pay and some information on how to sell it on. You’d be better served investing in Betamax.

NJPW has some pretty big gaps in the card now with losing some of their heavy hitters. But this has opened up a space for Naito and his hilarious gimmick of not giving a fuck, which is amazing.


It’s like a drug to him. Why do you think he went to China? Gotta feed that need to jump off skyscrapers.


Cesaro more baller than rock


meh. Looks like efnet is still acting up on my side. anybody else having some luck?



So is efnet working? Does anyone have an alternate link to get in.



Is what I use.
Working for me and a few others.


Is the alternative when efnet is down, but no one’s in there at all.


Yeah I’m still busy so can’t rectify the problem this time.

Apathy has this handled.


Man the selling is so on point.


apparently AJ vs. Zayn tonight on RAW.



I’m enjoying RAW, although I’m sure WWE will fuck it up.again as usual in a few weeks or less


More like a few hours or less.