Wrestling Thread: Mods please close


So is efnet working? Does anyone have an alternate link to get in.



Is what I use.
Working for me and a few others.


Is the alternative when efnet is down, but no one’s in there at all.


Yeah I’m still busy so can’t rectify the problem this time.

Apathy has this handled.


Man the selling is so on point.


apparently AJ vs. Zayn tonight on RAW.



I’m enjoying RAW, although I’m sure WWE will fuck it up.again as usual in a few weeks or less


More like a few hours or less.


Hmm is this Phil guy famous?
Segment is horrible.


I have to admit…that Dr. Phil segment made me laugh.


Segment was decent IMO. Phil actually served a purpose other than a cheap pop/pointless comedy segment


Oh man if Enzo and Cass come out against new day, I’ll mark out


That Booty-o’s bracket…


I don’t think they were planning on having Dana Brooke break it up. It’s possible, but in terms of how the match played out, it would’ve made more sense for Charlotte to come off the ropes to break it up.


I still need to hear Bubba Ray go:


I hope Bully Ray happens in WWE at some point. One of the best heels in recent years


League of Making Roman Look Strong…


Wyatt’s are faces? I’m confused…


ANYONE BUT YOU…I mean…uhh…


Fans already peep.what WWE trynna do, that’s why this (assumed) Wyatt face turn didn’t get quite the reaction it should have.

Should’ve left Roman out of the process entirely


Did Charlotte pump her breasts even more…or has it always been that way?