Wrestling Thread v. Brahma Bull - Sexual innuendos involving pastry time


Most of the regulars know most the stuff I am about to mention but just incase some new people come around and just for general purpose.

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First post…:coffee:

I mean…:kofi:


Someone hook it up with a Summerslam stream link




Cena heel turn would be kinda stupid. There is like no reason for it.


Too many threads, too many threads ohhhhhhhhhh…

errr…hey there!




Slater pinning both Edge and Jericho. :0


Daniel Bryan channeling the ghost of Lord Voldemort! German Suplexes and Crossfaces all around!



Fuck Summerslam, Fuck WWE


Shit ending is shit.


are you fucking serious.

that did not just happen.


Decent final match… rather anticlimatic. Cena plays possum for like 20 minutes then overcomes the odds.


Danielson gonna get fired again for using that crossface! :lol:

Fun chat like always. Seviper vs. Vigoroth was fun, especially with the table no-selling at the end.


Hey guys, I have an idea. Let’s kill the Nexus angle and make them a non-threat by having them lose their first PPV match clean, and having their best guy taken out with just a few moves. So Cena looks strong. Yeah, that’ll be great!


Lol Cena


Strangely enough, I’m not really all that surprised that that happened. Beaten up by teammates, stomped on for 4 mins straight, unconscious the whole time, then ddt on the concrete must have all built up his revenge meter.

No sell power!


Cena got kicked by Gabriel and Barrett for like 15 minutes, and even got a DDT to floor (w/o padding)… then YAAAARRRR ODDS OVERCAME. I know it’s kayfabe, but I raged after than pin of that missed 450. The “it hits, it’s good, but if it misses, you’re fucked, even though you fell the same distance (e.g. dropkick)” thing always bugs me.

Sigh. Worst ppv of the year, Striker references/Danielson/Miz’s promo were the only things good about it. Hoping the next one will be good, as F4way and MITB were good.


Overall, very up and down PPV. The match itself was pretty good if not predictable in the Cena bits though.

Don’t forget the Fire Pro Returns tourny is still going on. I’m giving some time for promos, matches to resume next week. You can post them at SRKFPR WRESTLING PAGE

Match listing is here: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d31/DaiAndOh/SRKFPRBracketsecondround.gif?t=1281927976

Things may be going slow, but I promise they will get done.


Fatal 4 Way was the worst one this year, I thought.


Crappy ending, they really teased the Cena heel turn, he was out of the match for so long I expected it to go down to him and Daniel Bryan and for Cena to take him out.

Y2J and Edge go straight back to heel before the match is even over, I was hoping they’d stay face.

All together, this perfectly sets up a Miz/Daniel Bryan feud.