Wrist Pain

Hey guys. For the past few weeks I have been developing pain in my left wrist from playing. I use my left hand to control the stick on my TE. The pain in my left hand has been increasing and I can barely play for a few minutes without the pain getting to me. I have been trying to play less and take more breaks, but that is easier said than done with AE being out. Now the pain is affecting me even outside of playing. I believe it is carpal tunnel syndrome, for I get a tingling feeling in my left hand and numbness. I’m not sure if it’s my grip or if I just need to take a week off from playing or something. Does anyone have any advice for what I should do? Thanks.

How are you holding the stick, and how long have you been playing before the pain started?

I hold the stick shaft in between my ring finger and pinky and have the ball top around my palm. Pretty much like grip 1 in the following link:

I bought my TE back in January and I had no problem using it for the first 4 months. Then after the first 4 months and extensive play I felt numbness in my left hand. I stopped playing during finals week and the problem seemed to go away. Now it’s summer break and I’ve been playing more but it seems the pain in my left hand and wrist have come back.

Try a different grip, if it continues then go to a doctor. Make sure you are playing on a level surface and that your hands are relaxed. Try stretches and taking breaks while playing.

Go see a doctor.