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Come on. Fanfiction.net sucks harf cock. There used to be some nice stories here. NEW BLOOD GODAMMIT, ME AND STORY THREADS CAN’T KEEP THIS FORUM ALIVE. :mad: :lol:

Edit: Sano is exempt.

Thanks, and I agree. Where the heck are all the other Fan Fic Writers?


Edit - decided to make a new thread for it.

I’ve been kinda busy so I haven’t had time to continue with A Warrior’s Saga. I suck.

I should be too…

I wrote a part for Dan & Skullo, but I’m waiting for someone else to write something for it…

I haven’t been able to write ANYTHING in…months-_-

God fucking dammit, Wizard.

Give me a few days (or a few months). I’ll think of something up.

I have a concept for an “odd couple” featuring two characters. I haven’t had time to write anything down, but I do have a blueprint for the story. I promise to have something concrete by next Saturday.

I too shall try to write something soon.

I do have a question though: What the hell happened to the other 86 threads in here? Did Mr. Wizard again delete threads without notification? :bluu:

The SRK database was overflowed, we were told by the server that if we didnt prune the datebase, the SRK server would keep getting corrupted. I took everything in here down to 110 days i believe.


Checks for Warrior’s Saga


Next time do us a favor and let people KNOW the next time you are planning to do something like that. Erasing our hard work without notice and being caught without backups is not cool at all.

Damn it!!! My story is gone too!!!:mad: And I was just going to finish it too.:frowning:

I have nothing against what you have done, but seriously, like ShinkuuR said, a major warning on all the forums would be quite nice. I only have a five old threads that I wanted from General Discussion because of a simple whim one day. Just give warning next time. That’s all I could ask since it’s a bit too late.

It was on the main page.

Thank Jesus m121 and XKP updated Dan & Skullo.

Just to let everyone know, my fan fic will include Chun Li (Street Fighter) and Chang (King of Fighters), with guest appearances galore. Working title right now is “Chunner & Chang”.

I should have the introduction up within the next three days.:smiley:

Since I don’t have a clue if I’m gonna be around for SBP III and since Warrior’s Saga is gone (:mad: ), I’ve decided to write a spin off story based on Team Chimera(Ryo Sakazaki, Rydia, Chris Redfield) and the others as they start their own detective agency. The prologue should be up in a couple of days, with Chapter 1 following soon after that.

Write dammit!

What is wrong with you people! Zulu and I brought some new blood, BP is still going strong, so where is everyone else? Start writing!