Writers Wanted!


TournamentScene.com is a site being created to educate players of all levels about competitive games and their scene. It seems that the largest hurdle facing games like these grow is the steep learning curve that they have. It is very easy for a new player to become overwhelmed with the complexity of many of these games. It is my hope the TournamentScene.com can be a place for anyone interested in competitive games to learn some of the basics, find out about their local scene, and feel comfortable enough to join in and be part of the community.

There is really no community like SRK, and as such I am reaching out for any players who would be interested in volunteering their writing skills toward the site. From Third Stike to AE, Soul Caliber to KoF, and everythign in between.

Of course I would give credit to the author, including a small bio and a link to their own work or site if they have any. As well as back to SRK for not taking this down and booting me off the forums.

I welcome everyone to check the site out and send me feedback. Anyone interested send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.