Writing a paper in mla format


i have a simple question. i did a research paper and did not put the author’s name and page number where i used the information after the paragraph i wrote. i did not use word for word as i took parts and reworded it to form my own paragraph. i completed a works cited page giving credit to the authors and books i used. would this be an acceptable mla paper and is this considered plagiarism.


Just because it’s not word for word doesn’t mean it’s not plagiarism. The author still needs to be given credit in the form of a parenthetical citation.


ok so i still need citations even though i have a works cited page right? omg i have to go back and fix everything now and figure out what pages i used.


not to mention you can’t just jumble the words around and call it your own, even with citation



Usually you can just put the pg number and the work next to the quoted thing in the work itself, and then put the correct mla format in the works cited part, but you definately want to put the entire quote in quotes and cite it or it’s plagiarism.


Put the reference in the paragraph otherwise it is plagiarism. If you talked about what they said, or used what they said in your own words, you still have to cited.

From now on, if you have to ask this question, just cite the damn thing.


To bad you didn’t post this about a year ago. I could have e-mailed you a paper that I wrote and got an A for.


Cite quotations and burrowed ideas, and also when you summarize or paraphrase use your own god damn words.

What you forgot to do in your paper was in-text citation.

Yes you do need to do that…

Obviously you need to use quotation marks for things you copied. You can use brackets to add your own words within the copied material.

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If its listed in works cited and its not noted in the paper somewhere it may raise a flag depending on how much attention your teacher is paying or how much they care about this particular assignment.