Writing Position Available


Welcome to the Dojo!

We are looking for writers that are passionate about the gaming industry to guest blog for www.lvlupdojo.com.

The purpose of The Dojo is simple: We want to provide gamers with high-quality video content teaching users how to build a career in the gaming industry—whether it be through eSports, Live Streaming, YouTube, Publishing and Game Development, and more. We work with the top gaming influencers in each space to create in-depth courses based on each influencer’s area of expertise.

We have already created a handful of fantastic courses with talented and successful gamers, such as OpTic’s Call of Duty Captain “Scump,” Smash 4 All-Star “Zero,” and Halo Pro/Live Stream sensation “Ninja,” with more gaming superstars to be filmed in October and beyond.

Here’s what we are looking for from you:


Create informative blog posts for use in marketing and promotional materials, as well as content that will live on the site itself. Topics will be pulled from the lessons within the courses that have been recorded. There will also be an opportunity for you to write about current events happening in the gaming space.

Grassroots Activist

Posting on forums and message boards that are likely to have people interested in what the Dojo has to offer. This includes posting on gaming related subreddits and community sites such as SmashBoards and TeamBeyond.


[] Excellent writing skills
] Passion for gaming
[*] “Ear to the pulse” – You hear all gaming news first

Added Benefits

[] Avid stream watcher
] Chat moderator
[*] Forum moderator


Approved formal blogs will be paid $10/article and approved event recaps, as well as general gaming news, will be unpaid. If you submit at least two event recap and/or general gaming news blogs per month, you will receive a complimentary monthly membership to the site.

We look forward to helping you find a career in the gaming industry.