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Yea, I’m working on a novel, or at least the first in a series of. I’ve started and stopped this thing a number of times since I was seventeen or eighteen years old. I’d say five or six times to give you some concrete idea. It all stemmed from this character I created on Yahoo! text based roleplaying chatrooms; the interest of which stemmed from my involvement as an area builder in text-based MMO’s called MUD’s. In the past year alone I’ve started and stopped twice, on my third go around now. I think I’ve finally found my voice, if you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I’m doing some writing right now, about halfway through chapter two. After I finish this I think I might do the intro chapter (as I feel it IS necessary, given the complexity of the first setting’s history and to give a general feel as to the atmosphere of the world, the universe, itself) and would then be willing to post it up here to see what you guys think. It’s still rough around the edges in some parts, but I’m just looking for any general input. I will more or less be interested in if you get a good feel for atmosphere of the world, as that is most important to me. I feel confident in my writing style as of now, not overly abundant in adjectives and modifiers, yet still giving a reasonable impression of the setting.

Anyway, I’m not sure of the allowable post length on SRK, so I’m just going to throw it up in as many posts as I have to. If I feel necessary, I may just put the word document up on a filesharing site for you guys to download. I’m at 17 pages of single spaced sized 12 font, with 1/2" margins. After finishing this chapter and adding in the prologue-esque deal, it’ll probably be running about 26-27 pages of those sized pages. That equates to about 55 pages when transformed to a typical novel format. I’ve taken a few random pages out of various novels that I have and written them into my format, it’s about a 2 to 1 ratio. I won’t get into the reasoning as to why I write this way.

Do you think the uploading as a MS Word document will be the best way? It might be a bit too much for SRK to handle. Plus all the italics and spacing/paragraphs may be messed up. I should have this done in a few hours.

Anyway, will be looking to this thread to see how you guys would like me to post it up. Open for suggestions on that, but I won’t be posting up the entirety of the story (I think I’ll draw the line at chapter 4), for the sake that this is something I actually want to get published.

Anyway, thanks for any input in advance.

-Ryan Perkins
a.k.a. Wild Kitty

Starting anew. Will post up the new first chapter later today.

Nothing, huh? Was it that bad? Damn

No, it’s just this is one of the slower boards on SRK. I’ll check your story out and edit my comments in this post. Also, the post limit on SRK is 25,000 characters. I want to say that’s about 3-to-4,000 words.

Hey, I got your message over AIM. Sorry, I was asleep, like I said, my sleep schedule’s been a bit iffy as of late. Thanks for taking the time to read it though. I’m sure you’ll pick up on a few glaring flaws, but I probably fixed those already (repitition of words, grammar/spelling), but yea, eagerly awaiting your comments! Thanks again.

Edit: Oh yea, I actually learned the other day something very interesting about word counts in manuscripts. Editors don’t like cocmputer counts of words, because they’re more worried about space. They have this weird formula based on the average word being 6 characters, how many words you fit on a line, how many lines you have, and then subtracting for large blank spaces at the end. But yea, that doesn’t really mean anything, but it was an interesting find when I was looking around at info about ms. publishing.

Post it up mang. I’m working on a novel about videogames at the moment, or i mean a story about a dude who shoots his face off to play them. Sounds bugged i know but it’s just a twist on reality. I would love to see how yours is comming. One thing i’ve noticed though is the few friends i showed it to that don;t play videogames don’t like it, UNLESS it’s in a historic form with action. Meaning “I remember playing PSO on sept 11th,” or “When i first played EQ i played it for 2 days staright, when i stood up i felt pressure from my testicles releave.” Or, “Street FIghter saved my life, i was throwing up gang signs in my room when my brother’s best firend came over with alpha 1…” etc. Haha. Anyways, i’m interested. My skills may be lacking as you can see from the short stories i’ve posted here with SF involved, but it’s hard writing about reality that’s in a videogame. Definatly thought, sometime soon, it will be a new genre in literature, believe that.

I will read it if you post it up in this thread, I have a short story or maybe a novel I am working on that I would like to get some feedback on too.