Wrong Quick Disconnects. Am I screwed?

I just realized I ordered max size quick disconnects along with my JLF and 30mm sanwa pushbuttons for my new stick.

Those aren’t the right size, any way you look at it.

What kind of clever or innovative way might I be able to avoid soldering my buttons and stick? (I want to be able to swap out my PCB).

Am I totally screwed?

The QDs will be loose but they may still work. you might be able to bend them a little with pliers… you have a few options. I’d see if they hold first, because honestly they might.

Yeah if they don’t hold bending them with pliers is a pretty good idea.

I see, thanks for the help. So I guess its time to cross my fingers on this one.

What size did you get?
.250" Quick Disconnect?

Yeah man, .250.

Like a fucking idiot.

hey don’t feel too bad. When I was trying my first styick I accidentally bought the smallest ones for a HAPP stick… that one I was kinda screwed.

Sorry for angsting my own thread up. Thanks for the advice, and goodbye. I would thank you to let this die, because we don’t need threads with resolved problems on the front page.

As an aside, where did you guys find quick disconnects with light insulation? I checked Lowes and Home Depot and couldn’t find what I was looking for, anyone know of good specialty electronics stores in the DC area?

Not looking for anything crazy, just a QD with insulation and sized for 20 or 22 guage wire.

I could only find 20/22 guage QD’s in my area (Spring/Houston) at my local Lowe’s as the 2 Home Depot’s near me did not have them. The box had 16 QD’s – 8 are males and 8 are females for around $2.50 per box. I had to purchase 2 boxes for my application because of the useless male ones :[