Wrote a book, would love some support. :)

Hey, I’ll make this as short as possible: I wrote a book and published it on Amazon. I would love for people to read/buy it, or just throw me some support. Here’s the link to Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/The-Old-Smokehouse-Scott-Jackson/dp/1480250821/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354484532&sr=8-1&keywords=the old smokehouse

(There is a kindle version, too.)

Basically, even if you don’t want to buy it but would still be interested in reading it, send me a message and I can hook you up. Because of Amazon’s policies for having it on the kindle, I can put it up for download anywhere. :frowning: Even if you have no interest whatsoever, Amazon does have a “like” button same as facebook, so if you would be kind enough to throw a brutha a bone and “like” it on Amazon, you’d be a hero to me. :slight_smile:

Speaking of facebook, I did make a facebook “event” that has some more details (if you’re interested). It’s a public event, so feel free to invite whoever:

(Also, for those wanting to read an excerpt, here’s the short intro to the book: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1js-lsLbFviFXEZ5vcebSyamdL8p2g9n-rv3PTd4vXPY/edit )

Support indies… or something. I’m OUT! :smiley:

Neat, this is something I’ve been shooting for myself.

I’m interested.

I don’t know if you’ve looked into it much yet, but going through Amazon was really smooth and, best of all, free. Granted, they get a bigger chunk of the profit than you do as the writer, but let’s be real, I’m just trying to get people to read it, not make a million bucks, lol. That’s why I priced it as low as I could really go.

It’s a little lame that I can only put it up on Amazon (the e-version, at least), but I’m realistic and I know I can’t mass distribute yet, lol.

Did you send it out to other publishers before you took this avenue?

I did not. I really didn’t want to put myself through the ridiculously time-consuming process of submitting it to the myriad publishers out there. I was far more intrigued with the idea of doing it myself and seeing how legitimate the process was for doing it through Amazon.

I forget what author put it through Amazon. I think it was the author of Twilight. We’ve all seen how that did.

Shit, I wish I could be that lucky, lol.

yeah… sorry, you wont be. =[

Good for you =]

ws+2, 4,u+3, f,f,b+2,3,4~5

That’s a hard combo, but writing a book is an even more difficult juggle. Congrats.

You got 1 word to describe what this book is about. If it’s a good enough description i’ll buy it.

dont click this


I’ll buy it either way, but I still want my one word description.

Do you have any excerpts for people to check out from it?

I can do you one better. If you message me your e-mail, I can send you the whole thing on PDF. :slight_smile: I can probably grab a paragraph or two, if that’s all you were looking for.

“Good.” :smiley:

I clicked the like button on Amazon. =)

As promised, you’re now in my hero book.

Can I post a fake 5 star review without buying the book???

Just bought the book.

Sure, if you want to, I guess. The only thing you have to have to post a review or “like” the item is an Amazon account. They’ve cracked down on stuff like that, so you have to have an account that has activity on it, i.e., you can’t make an account and immediately start to review stuff.

Liked. You have a sample I can check out? Sounds vaguely interesting, but it’d be nice to see part of a chapter.

I don’t think sharing the introduction (just a few pages) would violate anything, so I put it up as a google doc:


I’ll update the initial post, too. There isn’t any real character dialog (which much of the book is), but at least it will give you an idea of the writing style. And, again, if anybody wants to read the whole thing but doesn’t want to buy it, just send me a message. I can send it to people individually, I just can’t put it up for download anywhere.