WSU/Eastern Washington players... anyone out here?

This is probably a long shot, but I go to WSU now on the other side of the state, wondering if there’s anyone out here who plays fighting games/looks at SRK/moved out here too. I play Marvel and 3s mostly, but I’ll play pretty much anything just for the sake of playing and learning…

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

doesn’t Ian attend WSU? you can get your fix of Blackheart with him around.

That or CvS2…

I don’t know if he plays 3S.

So that is where you are, no wonder I have not seen you at GW in forever.

I was gonna go to WSU but that just WAYYYYY out there what else can you guys do out there beside partying.

Welcome to the desert known as Eastern Washington. Closest comp might just be us in Tri-cities (2 hrs away lol). Majority of us play 3S but theres still a few Marvel players left here (haven’t talked to them in a while though). Wouldn’t suggest the drive because of how random our casual get-togethers are. Seems like 3-4 people show up on weekends consistently now compared to our max of 10 last year. This is for 3S though. Not sure if the Marvel players still get together. But uh…if you can find a guy named Jason Wong over there, he plays/played Marvel and 3S.

With a last name like ‘Wong’, he must be good. Reminds me of that Abercrombie fiasco a few years ago. To this date, it’s the only piece of Abercrombie, Banana Republic, or Eddie Bauer (read: white) attire that I own. If only I knew where that shirt was.

Spokane used to play 3d, dunno if they still do or not but might want to check the 3d boards(zaibatsu and w/e the SC boards are)



Drink and play video games.

Yup. I may try and make it out to one of the poker night tournaments sometime, can’t do the next one unfortunately. I’ll probably make it down to PDX for their December shindig, but it’s the day after finals…


I’m coming down in 2 weeks

I plan to see you.

Awesome! Give me a call sometime… I had repeated unexpected cell phones deaths and lost your number…

I attend Spokane Falls, so I’m not too far away from you. I don’t play a whole lot so I’m not that great, but I’d probably play more if I actually had human competition. As of now I’ve mostly only played Melty Blood (shut up, I know) and I just started Guilty Gear, but I wouldn’t mind learning 3s if it meant that I could actually play with someone other than a computer. Anyways pm me if you wanna meet up.

I know someone in Spokane who may be interested, but doubtful. I just moved away, like not even a month ago. The only fighting game people in Spokane play that I’ve seen is SSBM. And there’s only about 10 of them.

Meh, that’s better than nothing. I know the basics, and I wouldn’t mind getting good, even though I play Roy.

Just go to smashboards and check out the regionals area. There’s an eastern washington thread there.

Umm, oh yeah, and there’s this really, really weird 15 year old kid named Red Yoshi. I’d ignore him, although he’s sadly one of the better players. Kinda sucks because they’re actually all fairly young. There’s only like 3 people over 20.

BTW, I’ll be back in town maybe around Thanksgiving so maybe we could play some 2D fighters or something.

I never liked smashboards much, but I guess I’ll give that a shot and see what happens. At any rate I can’t complain if they’re kids, since I’m still pretty young myself (nineteen, just started college actually). Thanks for the info, and yeah, if you’re ever in my area and wanna play some fighters just pm me.

Smashboards is pretty gay. Don’t leave the regional/tournament section. EVER.