Wt Xrgb2

If anyone has one or knows where to get one I am in need.
Happy to make a stick for free and trade. Perhaps add cash too.

Please help.

they dont make the XRGB2 anymore or the XRGB2-PLUS. would the XRGB3 work?

I have heard it has some lag issues. And costs a stupid amount of money.
But if its the only option I may have to.

yeah they are around 32,000 yen for the XRGB3. if you cant find a XRGB2 i can help u out with finding the other.

I might well need the help.
It seems as hard to find as the xrgb2.
Has anyone else heard of the lag issues?

the lag issue has a fix. You can downgrade it to work in line doubler mode which does not lag.

The ‘downgrade’ is floating around on micromsoft’s homepage.

Looks like I may have to cough up for one then.
Cheers for that sp00ky :slight_smile:

So XRGB3 would be fine.