WTB: .110 QDs

Anyone have a bunch? Looking to not spend too much on them, but I’m not sure how much they sell for in strict number packs. if they have the vinyl/plastic sleeves that’d be awesome. I’d like a good number of them if possible, just tell me how many you have and how much it’d be in bulk numbers. Max I’m looking to pick up would be about 100 to 200 of them.

http://gamingnow.net/DIY.html awesome seller.

Yeah he’s a great guy, but sorta hoping there might be a nice SRK member who has an unbearable amount of them and just wants to offload a large number of them for a discount :3

For less than .10 a piece?

Is a bulk discount unreasonable? Like, buy 100 to 200 and get them for .5-.7 each? Excuse my inexperience in buying QDs.

I just thought .10 seemed pretty cheap.

If you look at your local hardware store you’ll see that .10 is already a pretty big discount compared to what they cost for 10-20 in a pack.

ebay. dirt cheap. i think i bought 500 for like $15…

That’s exactly the type of cheap I’m talking about!

pm me. i sell them in bags of 100, 500 and 1000

infamouskid whats your price on 100 of them?

local electronics supply usually have them in bags of 100. my local one sells a 100 pack for $3.

I bought my .110s off eBay here 100 for $2.99 plus $5.99 for priority shipping.