WTB: .110 Quick Disconnects in a hurry

I need them asap, about 30. If you’re in or around Cleveland, OH, let me know. I can come pick them up. I haven’t found a local place that sells them and lizardlick won’t make it in time for the project I’m working on.

PM me if you’ve got anything.


You’d need em quicker than a couple of days?

go to radio shack or any car electronics store

Yeah, I need them by thursday and with the holiday I they’d need to be shipped out asap. Also, no radioshack or car electronics place near me carries that size QD. Most places don’t even have smaller than .25".

Actually, if you had ordered them from us when you posted this, they would have shipped today, and you would have had them on Tuesday…


Kind of like pouring salt on an open wound man. Not cool.