WTB: 1600 Microsoft Points for TONIGHT!

Does anyone have 1600 MS Points I can buy? I will be on all night waiting for a reply so I can pay right away and get the code for MVC2!!


cant you just go on amazon and buy them there.

they have an online xbox arcade store.

amazon won’t release at 3am, and also they don’t take paypal.

You can use the paypal plugin to use paypal at amazon. Shoot, you could probably even use that same plugin to create a virtual credit card that you could use to buy points through your 360.

Go to a 7-11 or something. They sell xbox cards there

Amazon does not accept PayPal, only credit cards.

if its on my console, can i transfer points?

Just buy the points off ebay. Most sellers are fast about giving out the code through email.

this guy is selling a 1600 point card. he is now selling everything serperate [link]http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=199065[/link]