WTB : 2 JLW-UM-8 Bat Tops


New, used, whatever as long as it works. A pair of round restrictors would be a plus. PM me if you have any for sale. Thanks.


try Per, he’s opened now


Thanks for the suggestion but my problem isn’t finding them, it’s getting them quickly and affordably. I need them for a birthday present by the end of next week at the latest.

I could get them from LizardLick but that would cost me over $50 so I’m hoping someone on here will be willing to sell me used ones for less. I’m just being a cheap, picky bastard but I figured I’d give it a shot. :wgrin:


I have some, and I think plates as well. $10 shipped in the us, for 2 plates and 2 bat tops


Oh I think my topic is misleading. Sorry I actually need the entire joysticks, not just the bat tops. Thanks though :tup:


just buy from ponyboy.


Oh I didn’t know he sold JLWs.


He doesn’t. You can buy them from lizardlick


They also have circular restrictors.