WTB: (2) or more Hori Stock Buttons


I’m just looking to buy (2) or more Hori buttons. The buttons don’t have to be working as long as it’s in good cosmetic condition. I’m looking for specifically the same buttons as the ones used in the Hori EX2. (Don’t know if Hori uses the same buttons for all their joysticks or not)

If you have (2) or more that you’re willing to sell, please PM with how many u have, what colours and a total cost with shipping to Canada included.


I got a bunch of em. You can have them for the cost of shipping. What colors you want and how many do you need? I believe they are all interchangable between most the sticks they make.


Woot! You’re the man DevilsFang! I’ve sent you a PM.

Thanks for the favour and thanks for the great mod job you did for me in the past too:smile:


i have a complete set for the ex2, you can have for shipping costs as well