WTB: 2 Player Arcade Stick

Hi Guys,

Just joined this forum.

I’m looking to get a 2 player arcade stick for PS3. Something in the style of the the X-arcade stick.

Either looking for a complete setup, or an Astro City Panel with at least 8 buttons assigned to each player, and I’ll make a box and get a PCB for it.


you cant post here. read the stickies.

I’m sorry,

are you referring to this post?

I can’t seem to find anything that says I’m not allowed to post here.



Sorry, i scrolled down and found this


I’m not sure why it’s not with the first posting in that thread though.

Anyhow, this is apply to people selling and wanting to buy? Or just people selling?

try emailing x-gaming for a blank box if you want an x-arcade box. Get the thankstick one, the regular one has no room to properly accommodate 2 players.

it applies to everybody who joined in 09 and on. your probably going to get an infraction or a warning. depending on who gives it to you.