WTB: 2- RadioShack 4"x2"x1" Project Box 270-1802

Hello, im looking to buy 2 RadioShack 4"x2"x1" Project Box 270-1802, i went to my local Radio Shack looking for those kind of PB but they didnt have them, and then i went online but the shipping was $12.10. so if anyone has 2 of those project boxes or can get 2 from RadioShack for me, i would buy them, please post your price shipped. they are like $2.69 or something,

These are the ones that are just big enough to hold a PSX PCB right? The ones that TMO uses?

Yeees sirr those ones, can somebody get me 2 of those??

Bump still need them.

Yo Etotheng, I went to RS today to check out strips and Project boxes, but those 4x2x1’s aren’t gonna cut it for DS pcb’s. I knew when I saw them immediately. And I just measured the PCB right now, it’s about 4-4.5 inches wide. But the 5x2.5x1’s that they also have should fit perfectly. Maybe thats the one you were thinking of.


you mean looking a black box?

look pic my modded in box
Original stick
I hack PSone pad in box connector on any PS systems for converter Neo Geo. i never play before an experience. what the awesome stick. better than LS-32 or JLF. I’m seriously.


thanks bro. maybe you are right. i gotta go to radio shack again and look for one of those, but it looks kind of big for the case that im going to put it in, im going to have to double check, but thanks anyways.

Nice opips, did you do that mod yourself?? it looks nice, good work man. :rock: