WTB: (2) Sanwa OBSF 30mm Snap-in Buttons


Used or new as long as they work. The (2) buttons must be snap-in could be any colour but the colour has to be the same for the both. (Preferably Dark Hai or Black but doesn’t matter)

Please include cost of shipping to Canada (Should only be around $4.45 if shipping from US to CA)

Please PM me if you’re selling.




I have two red Sanwas. They were soldered in the stick I took them out of, but I can clean off the solder and they can be used with QDs. They were in one of my personal sticks and have very little use on them. I can throw them in with the other buttons. How does $4 plus the shipping sound?


Once again DevilsFang you come through :pray:

Sounds good, if you could add those Sanwa buttons with the Hori’s when you ship out that’d be great. And yea please clean off the solder since I will be using them with QD’s.

$4.00 + shipping with the Hori buttons sounds gravy!